Friday, September 17, 2010

Vinyl Revival Challenge--Project #5: the Zipper!

I've been happily anticipating and working on the recycle project for the lovely, long 58" zipper from my Challenge Item-- andso here is my Recycle Felicity doll's

Slumber Party Sleeping Bag!

Felicity is almost (but not quite!) ready for a fun night with friends. I was inspired by Care's fun toy sleeping bag tutorial to make a bigger version that fits an 18" doll--I followed her excellent instructions exactly, but used 13" by 19" pieces for the outer fabric and lining. The finished bag measures 12" by 18", and takes a zipper at least 28" long.

As much as I hate to buy anything new for a recycle project, in this case I just didn't have any fabric that seemed to work, so I bought (gasp!) 3/4 yard of pink leopard fabric and spent $3.74. Sigh. For the lining, a used a piece of soft white polar fleece that I had on hand, so no batting was needed.

Of course Felicity needs a matching pillow case, and there was plenty of fabric to make one, set off with a black rick-rack insert from my ribbon-and-trim stash. Her pillow is 5" by 7", and Felicity is wearing her pj's from my doll-clothes-from-undies project here.

Next, the rest of Felicity's slumber party preparations--more Vinyl Revival!


  1. Felicity's friends must be jealous that she has such great sleeping accommodations for their next camping trip! Great work!!

  2. My mom sewed sleeping bags for my girls' dolls and she said the super long zippers were a pain. Thank goodness for grandmas!


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