Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dollar Doll Clothes--One More Time!

Two more dolly projects from undies--my favorites so far!

There was juuuust enough fabric in the pink print pair from my K-Mart find to squeeze out a PJ t-top as well as the pants.  I used my 'Leggings' pattern here.  So comfy!

And camo pants!  Care found a three-pack of boys briefs on clearance for source fabric, and this particular print proved too large to use for the smaller dolls. Perfect for 
Felicity, though!

Love this t-shirt pattern, which closes in the back with Velcro.  Read about it here

My Dollar Doll Clothes inspiration seems fulfilled for now, and this little wardrobe is off to the church service auction tonight to find a happy new home for Christmas.

Still have a bit of source fabric for next time, though...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dollar Doll Clothes--Again!


My yard sale American Girl, Felicity, is modelling yet another Dollar Doll Clothes outfit.

I used my $.80 ladies undies and the 'Leggings' pattern and instructions from my free download to make her leggings, and my favorite Liberty Jane 'Trendy T-shirt' pattern for her top.

Not sure about her skirt, though!  I was thinking of making a cute flared lettuce hem, so I cut it from the dolly 'undies' pattern, then stretched the hem as much as possible as I zig-zagged over the cut edge, stretching and stitching twice around.  Stitching the back seam was last.

I'm thinking an added ruffle would just have been cuter.  Any ideas?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

More Dollar Doll Clothes!

Playing with my Dollar Doll Clothes patterns inspired me, so last week I went on a quest for new dollar undies to work with.  At K-mart I hit the jackpot--2 packages of 6 briefs each, some in cute prints (AND x-large size) on clearance for $4.99 each!  That's $.83 a pair.

I am delighted to think that I can make two or even three items from each pair!  And I paid for the whole project with my (about to expire) $10.00 in-store points, making my dolly wardrobe virtually free. You can check this post for general instructions for the project..

 Felicity's long striped skirt above is cut from the center of the undies' back panel.  I used the 'leggings' pattern for the waist size, and cut the center back seam to flare as wide as the fabric allowed.  My finished length is 9.5", so I cut the skirt 10" long to allow for a 1/2" hem.  I hemmed the piece, then stitched the back seam last.

I used the 'leggings' pattern to make the cute black ones above, and used the 'socks' pattern with leftover bits from the black fabric's waistline to keep her feet warm.

Let me tell you about the two t-shirts--I used my favorite 'Trendy T-shirt' pattern, downloaded from Liberty Jane, and fabric from the undies.The pattern is fun and simple to make. I got my copy from their free Friday downloads.  Check them out!

A tip--these particular briefs have attractive covered elastic bands:  cute on the doll clothes, but a little less stretchy than the classic elastic finish.  I compensated by cutting the pattern pieces slightly narrower at the waist.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Greetings!

A happy Valentine's Day to all!

 Tiny quilt and A-line dresses by Care, sweaters by Suedehead, yoked dresses by me.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Miniautres Monday--Little Table at Last!

It looks like there has been a small furniture convergence!

 As it often goes with the Yard Sale Gods:  just as I mentioned my longing for a little table for the play area, daughter Ib found this delightful little chair and table set at her local thrift store--just perfect for small people!

I'm happy to say that the little chairs from my previous find also fit perfectly at the table--seating for four. 

To the Yard Sale Gods:  many thanks!  And please be advised that all available space for little furniture is now full!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Miniatures Monday--the Little Rocking Chair

My mom and I shared a love for small things--and we also shared a love for this little chair from her childhood!

This little rocker (shown here with the little cabinet my dad made for me when I was five) was always around as I grew up. 

I learned later that my grandfather had it made for Mom when she was a little girl, in about 1930, by a local carpenter who used the wood from shipping crates and containers to make useful objects. I love its apparent Arts and Crafts roots!  Mom also pieced its current seat cover--the chair has had a few coats of paint as well as layers of upholstery!

The little chair is still sturdy and strong, and is being enjoyed by my own grandchildren. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Miniatures Monday--the Little Mohair Girls

   An e-friend gave Care and me some mohair scraps, so naturally some of the Tiny Ones made a trip to the beauty salon for new coiffures!
Please meet  Antoinette, Blush, Dorothy,  Mallow,  Molly,  Octavia, Storm, Taylor, Tippin, Topenga, Vivian, and Zara, (who is a fabulous custom reroot by Leeloominai and joined the girls at the party).
It's been fun working out a technique for new little wigs--I have to admit that the hardest part has been cutting off their hair and pulling out its roots!  It seems too cruel. But it WAS fun trying all the little wigs on the bald girls to see whose hair they were.

Wardrobe consultation, photos, and clothes are by Care, and Storm and Zara's amazing custom tans and sweater by by Suedehead.