Friday, September 10, 2010

Vinyl Revival Challenge--Project #4!

Something-from-nothing is my favorite kind of creation! Inside yesterday's vinyl recycle project, the gift bag, is a little vinyl backpack that holds a set of 24 crayons--the straps and ties match the trim on the gift bag, and the beads are from my stash. The crayons were at back-to-school prices recently, so this little gift cost $.75--a fun and inexpensive gift! Click on the button above for other Vinyl Revival projects.

I was curious to know if a casing would work in my recycled vinyl, so I did a test run--the light weight vinyl seems to pull up with a ribbon very nicely! I made the body of the backpack the same size as the crayon box, plus 1-1/4" or so for the fold-over and casing at the top. The straps are made in the same way as the handles for the gift bag, and were stitched down before sewing the side seams.

Next I stitched the side and bottom seam and boxed the bottom to make it square, then stitched the casing for the ribbon--I snipped a slit in the center front to run the ribbon through and tied on the beads, which as I recall were scrounged from an old project and have been waiting in my stash. Big fun!

On to another vinyl recycle!


  1. Oh, my goodness this would make great birthday gifts!

  2. I love the tiny backpack!! What if you put it on a stuffed friend, maybe from the dollar store? Another gift!

    SO cute. The beads are the perfect touch!

  3. What a cute gift idea! Come show it off at my Party!

  4. Such a very cute gift idea and repurposing something that may have been thrown out for a few gifts! Great job!

  5. your rickrack blog banner. You'd have love what I found this summer at an olden 5 and dime shop in North Carolina while on


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