Monday, September 20, 2010

Vinyl Revival Project #6--Sleepover Backpack!

Felicity's sleepover gear is now complete, with her matching pajama pants and her new recycled backpack to hold Project #5 (her sleeping bag and pillow)--and I think I may be about finished for now with vinyl recycle projects! A few more ideas for later, though. . .

This little backpack measures 7" by 3". I started by cutting a rectangle of vinyl, 9-1/2" tall by 12-1/2 around, and a vinyl circle 4-1/2" in diameter for the set-in bottom. (I had hoped to make a tutorial--it turns out clear materials don't really lend themselves to photography!)

The straps are scraps of black ribbon stitched down the center of wider scraps of pink ribbon, then rolled up in 1-1/2 inch strips of vinyl and stitched again. I stitched the straps to the flat main piece before sewing it into a tube, and then set in the bottom circle. The top of the backpack is finished with a 5/8" casing, and more scrap pink ribbon is threaded through the casing for the tie. (I've used 1/4" seam allowances here.)

And how about a very odd coincidence: head over and check out Care's Dollar Dolly Duffel Bag post for today. As we were describing our projects to each other over the phone yesterday, we realized that, strangely enough, my sleeping bag would just fit in her duffel bag! Who knew? It must be a sign. Of what, it's hard to say!

On to other, non-vinyl projects, I think!

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  1. I guess our dollies are preparing to have a sleepover together! :o)

    I love the backpack!


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