Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vinyl Revival Challenge--Project #3!

For project #3, I've made a small vinyl gift bag with cute ribbon trim from my stash. The little bag measures 6-1/2" by 4" by 2",and holds a little matching gift--made with vinyl, of course!

I started with a rectangle of my recycled vinyl, and stitched the top hem on one long side, using yellow-green thread to match my color theme. I decided to top-stitch my two ribbons together and ran them through my hem with a safety pin, then realized the hem needed another line of stitching to hold the ribbon in place--I like the decorative effect of the stitching lines!

Second, I stitched the side seam--in this case, I have set in the bottom rectangle, but a good option would be to cut the bag longer and box the corners by stitching across them as shown here. To figure the extra length for a boxed bottom, take one-half of the desired bottom width, plus the seam allowance, and add this amount to the length before cutting.

Next, the handles are made from lengths of ribbon, rolled up in strips of vinyl and top-stitched. You can just see that they are attached by running them through a pair of slits in the bag, with the buttons stitched on to keep them from pulling out. I was thinking clear oxygen tubing would make a pretty cute handle here--I gave up and sent my piece to the thrift store too soon!

All in all, a fun project to do--it would be fun to mass produce these in a holiday theme, to hold little gifts for the neighbors.

Tomorrow, the little gift inside the bag!


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