Monday, January 28, 2013

Miniatures Monday--the Little Mohair Girls

   An e-friend gave Care and me some mohair scraps, so naturally some of the Tiny Ones made a trip to the beauty salon for new coiffures!
Please meet  Antoinette, Blush, Dorothy,  Mallow,  Molly,  Octavia, Storm, Taylor, Tippin, Topenga, Vivian, and Zara, (who is a fabulous custom reroot by Leeloominai and joined the girls at the party).
It's been fun working out a technique for new little wigs--I have to admit that the hardest part has been cutting off their hair and pulling out its roots!  It seems too cruel. But it WAS fun trying all the little wigs on the bald girls to see whose hair they were.

Wardrobe consultation, photos, and clothes are by Care, and Storm and Zara's amazing custom tans and sweater by by Suedehead.

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