Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dollar Store Christmas Stocking #4

Okay, the stocking IS made of scraps--but the fabulous trim was only $1.00, starting with this:

Three yards of ribbon-and-bead garland from the decoration aisle at the local dollar store!

I cut a piece of scrap fleece for the cuff and drew a pencil line along what would be the fold line, then folded the ribbon at an angle between each bead:

I pinned each fold along the pencil line, starting and stopping at the side seam allowances, then stitched along the fold line.

I stitched the piece into a tube and folded the tube along the trim stitching, with the line of stitching behind the fold and the beads hanging down.

The stocking is made like the previous Dollar Store Stockings: cut out and seam the front to back, with the right sides together. Clip curves and turn. The cuff tube is stitched to the top with all three raw edges together, and the seam is turned down to the inside. Festive!


  1. wow...wow...and BIG WOW...O would have nver thougth to do that like that...great job Happy Holidays..

  2. really gorgeous!!!


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