Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vinyl Revival Project #9--Speed Scrabble!

We do love our word games in this family! Scrabble is a big favorite, and when time is short there's always Speed Scrabble, which is similar to another commercial word game called Bananagrams.

Daughters Lol, Ibu, and I have collecting old Scrabble games from yard sales and thrift stores. We've come up with 4 or 5 games--some complete, some partial--to carry out our crafty plans. What better than our own Speed Scrabble game from our bounty of tiles, complete with it's own recycled vinyl pouch? And let me point out the Scrabble-box colored zipper from my stash!

This pouch is about 8" by5"--could have been just slightly deeper. I think that Speed Scrabble is another game where many people have house rules, but instructions are available on line. We tallied the letters from a Bananagrams game, and chose our tiles accordingly.

This will not be a fun and inexpensive gift--it's mine, all mine!

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