Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vinyl Revival Challenge--Project #1!

I've cut up my plastic cover, and decided to use the smaller panels first--there were two pieces about 12" by 24", and one piece about 36" by 12", plus the 9" by 36" black mesh panel.

First up is a zipper pouch for my knitting bag--it's 9" by 4" with boxed lower corners. This would also make a great pencil pouch, or a holder for barrettes and elastics!

I used:
--a square of clear vinyl, 10" by 10"
--A stray zipper from my stash: the length doesn't matter as long as it is over 10"
(The existing zipper would have worked well, but I have plans for it!)
--2-1/2" piece of ribbon for the tab or label

l. With right sides together, stitch the zipper to one side of the vinyl piece, using a 1/4" seam allowance. If your zipper is longer, let the excess extend on either side.

2. Pull the opposite side of the vinyl over and stitch it to the opposite side of the zipper, right sides together, with a 1/4" seam allowance--this will be easier with the zipper closed! If your zipper is longer, be sure the second seam is directly across from the first.

3. With the zipper closed, place the pouch right sides together, with the zipper opening about 1-1/4" from the top fold. Fold the ribbon with raw edges together, and place it between the layers of vinyl against the pull side of the zipper, matching raw edges of the ribbon to the cut edges of the vinyl.

4.. Stitch the side seams, using a 1/4" seam allowance--use care in stitching over the zipper if yours is longer than needed. Be sure the pull is within the sides of the pouch! Trim away excess zipper, if needed. Open the pouch.

5. To box the lower corners, crease the lower fold of the bag with your fingers, next to the seam. Opening up the corner of the bag, carefully match this crease to the side seam as shown in the photo above, and stitch across the corner about 5/8" from the point. Repeat for other corner. Turn bag right side out. Finished!

All my knitting tools will be together, but still visible!


  1. Brilliant! I'll try to make this one too. Thanks!
    Another thing I saw using vinyl was a little rectangle of it, sewn on one side of a fabric basket, so you could slip in a little tag.
    Unfortunately I lost the bookmark for that tutorial, but I'll try to find it again and pass you the link.

  2. I love that everything is still visible! Perfect!


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