Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vinyle Revival Project #8--Greedy Guts!!

One more vinyl recycle--our family loves to play a dice game we call Greedy Guts, which you may know as Farkle or maybe Zilch. When the dollar store had some clear, colored, luscious--looking dice this fall, I just had to make a Greedy Guts pouch to keep the game together.

I made the the little pouch (directions here) 5" by 2-1/2', and used a red zipper from my stash to set off the colorful dice. To play the game, all you need are dice, paper, and a pencil--I have a tiny pad of paper and a pencil that I'll add to the pouch.

This is one game where it seems many people have house rules, but directions (even video) are on the internet if you just search 'farkle'.

Another fun and inexpensive stocking stuffer!

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  1. Gree-dee-GUTS! Gree-dee-GUTS!! Now I'm itching to play!!

    I love the tiny little pouch -- especially with the red zipper. It's perfect!


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