Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mintautures Monday--Tiny Antique Trunk!

Like the tiny box of chocolates I featured a couple of weeks ago, this little trunk full of treasures is also from the miniature scene I made in honor of my Grandma Genevieve. 

When grandma died, I inherited an apple box full of various bits and pieces of antique and vintage fabric, fine lace, trim, an 1862 (!)  baby dress, and several lace baby bonnets that she had kept in a trunk. Some of the items were as many as two generations older than Grandma. Grandma was a master at re-using fabric, so this little gown and cap are made from scraps of fabric and beautiful lace from the trunk. The tray holds some tiny linens, and under the tray of the trunk is an unfinished quilt (although Grandma only left a couple of those - she was a great quilter).

The trunk itself is 3-1/2" by 2", and 2-1/4" high.  I made it of basswood, using a pattern from Mott Miniatures.  It's lined with a commercial dollhouse paper and the leather strapping is from a ladies' glove.  I cut the vintage photos from magazines and framed them with paper lace and tiny strips of wood.

It's difficult to make stitching on such a tiny item seem in proportion, so in this case I glued much of the dress together to make it look as real as possible.

This little trunk is just a small way I can remember such an wonderful, talented person and feel a connection with her even today! I like to think that I owe much of my creativity to her and those before her.


  1. If you just look at the picture the trunk really looks full sized. Great Job!


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