Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrift Thursday--Ceramic bowls!

Please just let me say that I love ceramic kitchenware! The colors, shiny surfaces, and satisfying weight make me happy. Thrift store ceramic bowls are hard to resist!

My nest of bowls was collected over time--the prices ranged from $.50 to $1.50 or so, except for the two that remain from a set I bought years ago for $7.99, new (!!!!!). I've been picking up bowls here and there for years, and then one day it occurred to me I had a collection! Oddly enough, they nested together perfectly.

It's been the same with several of my thrifting collections--first, I find things that speak to me and begin to see themes and similarities in the things I love using and having around me. Second, when I see a group of items coming together, I see how I can refine the group--almost always one or two things go back to the thrift store, and I become more choosy as I add new items. One bowl just did not work, and went on back to the thrift store--for a dollar or so, I can't feel too bad!

It's a satisfying exercise for me--it's fun to listen to the voice at the back of the mind and see what develops!

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  1. I Love the colours & I relate to the whole tactile aspect of ceramics!


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