Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dollar Store Dollhouse Furniture 2--Narrow Table

Hmmm. . .it seems I was looking so hard at the dollar store for a nicely finished narrow table that I missed something!

There's only one problem with (most of)  these cute narrow tables from Dollar Tree--they are just a bit too tall for 1"/12" scale.  Easily fixed if your table has all four legs--I used the wire-cutter part of my needlenose pliers to snip the legs to the proper length (tables are 2 1/8" high in 1/12 scale).  I'll be leaving that particular table red for the dollhouse shelf--it's a great little table for a desk, buffet, or work table--mine is for the tiny sewing machine.

This one, though needs a little work!

 I scrounged up two more dollhouse bannisters from my craftwood pile and adjusted them to length at the top and bottom with my little miter saw, and glued them in place with craft glue. 

This little table will be painted white to match the rest of the fixed up furniture for the dollhouse shelf.  More about painting later--it turns out to be a little tricky!

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