Monday, July 30, 2012

Miniatures Monday--Dollhouse Furniture, Part One

I've been hampered  by an ongoing disagreement between Computer and the wireless network--fortunately they have worked out their differences.  Now to bash my dollar store furniture!  For this project I used:

Small hobby miter box and saw
X-acto knife
Wood scraps
Craft glue
Hot glue

Part One--Tables

Dollar Tree has a very cute scallop-trimmed dollhouse dining table right now--sadly, the legs are just too short.  For 1"/12"  scale, table height is 2 1/8"--so, how to  make it higher?  Two ideas! 

I popped off the short legs with my needlenose pliers--I have a plan for them! They popped out nicely, but a little scraping with the X-acto will help if needed.

  Scrounging in my craft scrapwood box, I came up with a square stick just the width of the old table legs, and cut four to length with my trusty little miter box.  I also found four lonely dollhouse bannisters, which just happen to be the same width at the top as the previous legs--so I had to buy another table to try them out.  Their length is adjusted at the top with the miter saw

A little craft glue, and they're sturdy little tables.  I'm painting them white for my dollhouse shelf--more about that later. 

The straight-leg table seemed a bit awkward as it was, so I have since angled the bottoms of the legs to match the original legs above.  The X-acto did a great job, but it would have been simpler before they were glued on!  Photo later!

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