Friday, August 3, 2012

Dollar Store Dollhouse Furniture 3--Sofa Table

Dollar Tree has a cute little dressing table--sadly, it is just too short to be in proportion. 
Two ideas to improve it:  first, a table to go behind the dolls' tiny sofa.

The apron and mirror sections popped off easily with my needlenose pliers--don't worry, they will be seen again!  (There was a little damage to the top surface of the veneer, but the remainder of that layer was easily popped off with my tiny screwdriver--nice and smooth and ready to paint.)

The legs are shortened just a bit to fit next to my little sofa.  Ready to paint!



  1. Great idea. I love the world of miniatures, but never got into them more than when my girls had a miniature (Doll) house. All the scale pieces were so neat and detailed. A Sat morning trip to the doll house shop was something that I was always up for...if we could go to the nearby fabric shop, too!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

    1. Fabric and miniatures...the perfect little world! My girls had a little house, too--that's what launched my own miniature projects!


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