Monday, August 6, 2012

Miniatures Monday--Painting Project

Just a couple of pointers learned while painting my Dollar Store dollhouse furniture--it was a bit less straightforward than I had anticipated!

Spray paint seems to be the obvious solution for a quick paint job, so I got out the remnants of a can that was on hand:  less successful than I had hoped.  Since the furniture comes dyed and not painted, the grain of the wood hasn't been sealed, and the dye seeps through the paint:

Kind of pretty really, but not quite what I'm after.  Since I needed to replace my spray paint anyway, I picked up a can labelled 'Paint with Sealer'--and still had about the same results.

What to do?  Being reluctant to go out again,  I rifled through my disused nail polish and came up with a couple of mostly empty bottles of clear top coat. An hour outside in the shade coating the pink areas took care of the color bleeding, and another coat of spray paint did the job.  Here's the final version of two of the  narrow tables:

The little handles on this furniture are actually pegged into holes--easily pulled out and replaced with beads or jewels.  

(You can stick a piece of a Post-It note, cut to size, to the mirror before painting to keep it clean.) 

Next:  the dressing table.

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