Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread--Cons?

Since I've praised the bread machine, it's only fair to look at the other side--there must be a few minuses, since thrift stores are always full of rejected machines at bargain prices!

First: the machine may not automatically turn out perfect, tasty loaves.

Second: counter space being valuable real estate, the machine can be a space hogger--especially if it isn't turning out tasty treats.

Third: on the other hand, if the machine isn't easily accessible we are much less likely to drag it out and use it.

Fourth: the usual tall machine loaf is not nearly as satisfactory as the traditional long loaf shape. Slices can be too big, and they're more fragile.

Fifth: the bread machine does only make one loaf, which may not be enough for bigger families.

Difficulties--and I suppose someone really might be tempted to just toss the machine out. That said, I have to admit that in my mind, none of these difficulties outweighs the benefits. I have much more to say!


  1. I sometimes make bread by hand but have never tried a bread machine before. After reading this post (and the original post) I may just have to pick one up next time I'm out thrifting.


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