Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miniatures Monday--Ballet Class

Who could resist anything so cute and tiny? I have become enchanted with Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls! So far, twelve and counting. . .

L.P.S. Blythes are found in the toy aisle, and come with an outfit, a pet, and a pet accessory--I have to say that the Pet Shop pets do not speak to me, but they are very special to other girls in the family, so everyone is happy! The girls are 4.5 inches high, and also come with the cutest tiny shoes, and a stand.

Here, just a few of the girls are modeling the leotard-and-tutu sets I made for their ballet class, using bits and scraps from my stash. Working out the pattern was a fun challenge!

Too much fun!


  1. I loved littlest pet shop when I was little, my mum still has all my pet shop toys. I don't like the new pet shop toys, but I guess toys change.

    1. lauradora--

      I hung onto my girls' tiny LPS treasures from back in the day, too--and now their kids are loving them!I agree that they were cuter back then, but I do love the new dolls! --Wendy

  2. Hi there, I'm so impressed with your tutus! Do you have a shop that you sell the pattern in? I've been sewing for my girls but there are very few patterns! Please just let me know, thank you!


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