Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrift Thursday--Bread Machine, Part 3!

Please allow me to introduce you to my beloved thrift store West Bend bread machine! I do love this bread machine! It's my favorite of the 6 or 7 machines I've tried--one of its big advantages is that it makes a traditional shaped loaf-- a huge plus!

I got my first machine in this model some years ago, when I needed to replace my old worn-out tall-loaf machine. I came across the West Bend at a yard sale, and picked it up for $10.00--with the manual, fortunately--and just loved it. Besides the loaf shape, another favorite feature is that the machine opens in the front rather than at the top--and there's a good window in the door. It's easy to reach in and adjust the dough if needed, and the pan and the paddles (it has two) are easy to clean. The pan releases well.

Homeless bread machines seem to abound at thrift stores, and my girls and I have watched for this model ever since. We've so far found three other machines like it, and we've paid anywhere from $8.00 to $12.00 each--about the going rate for thrift store bread machines around here. This machine come in two versions--the one I'm using now is a little more deluxe, and has a 'quick bread' cycle as well as all the standard cycles the other model has. (FYI--if you don't have the instructions, the manual is available at

I have to say that I think it's hard to utilize the machine well if it's not stored where it can be used--I suppose this is one big reason for the number of homeless bread machines out there. My machine measures 17-1/2"wide by 11-1/2" high by 11" deep--a little bigger than some standard machines, I think. Too much valuable space would be taken up by keeping it on the counter in my small kitchen, but I found a place for it on top of my vintage cookbook shelves, next to an outlet, where I can use it anytime. Poor Kitty lost her favorite viewpoint to the machine--but she's found a new spot!

I'm afraid I'm gushing . . . and I still have much to say! More later.

Another FYI: West Bend also makes conventional tall-loaf machines--while doing an internet search, I was fascinated to learn that some of them have been recalled due to fire danger! I believe these were all older, conventional machines, but it's easy to tell by tell by the machine's date, which is stamped on the back. Info is at

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