Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kids Sleep Masks

Deep into my annual pajamas-robes-slippers project for my grandkids, I have come up with a new variation this year--sleep masks!

I actually had all but two of these fleece colors in my stash, so it's almost a scrap project. I developed the patterns from a basic sleep mask pattern, with inspiration from Google Images. All credit to real artists!

Check out Care's clever, fast, and easy technique for working layered patterns in fleece--it's fun and works up fast! I worked the designs on a single layer of the basic fabric, then top-stitched the fronts to a second layer, sandwiching in the ends of the elastic at the sides--two rows of elastic help keep the mask on. The outside shape is cut out after the edges are stitched--much easier!

Merry Christmas!

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