Monday, November 7, 2011

11-11-11: Eleven-Eleven-Eleven Party!

Since she was small, my sister's favorite number has always been eleven, so she's always found the hour of 11:11:11 on November 11 a fun moment.

And since this is a big year for elevens, we will be the ONES to celebrate 11:11:11 o'clock, on the date 11-11-11. We've invited the family to celebrate as ONE. Happily there are two opportunities to celebrate on that day!

My sister will be on her way to my state for the festivities, and we've had some fun coming up with ideas for the celebration--it's ONE party not to miss! As you know, the chance will come only ONES in a lifetime! Some ideas:

--Play Yahtzee, with a special 11-point bonus for a Yahtzee of 1's

--Play Uno--twice! Or maybe Phase 11?

--Invite 11 people

--Have an 11-themed gift exchange

--Have countdown to 11:11:11, am or pm --both at our house!
-Watch 'Ocean's 11' or

-- 'The Eleventh Hour' with Patrick Stewart

--Play our favorite dice game, Farkle

--Dine on delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken--made with 11 herbs and spices!
-When the kids get tired, read them 'The Eleventh Hour', by Graeme Base

We've invited everyone to come dressed in an 'eleven' theme, and bring eleven-themed refreshments--it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Many thanks to Q.Clark and Chris for their fabulous logo!

Any more ideas? Happy 11-11-11 to all!


  1. Wait, wait! We'll bring a dozen doughnuts and eat one in the car!

  2. Maybe we'll have 11 pipers piping?


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