Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quilt for Baby K, Next Phase--Ideas, Anyone?

Progress has been made on Baby K's quilt, according to kind suggestions received here!
(My apologies for the lame photo--the quilt top is actually quite square in real life!)

I think the two new borders set it off well--the new white border brings out the blocks, and the scrap border seems to frame the whole thing. I've also chosen the fabric for the back--think it ties the top together very nicely.

Now for the next phase--with the addition of the borders, the quilt will be 36" by36"--a little on the small side still. Another border? Two? Pieced? Single fabric? White? Print? Would another border or borders add or detract? I'll let the ideas incubate.

Any input?


  1. How sweet! I don't think you need to add any more borders. It looks great as is. But if you want it a bit bigger, then add a solid border. Hope this helps :o)

  2. A solid border with your heart blocks in the corners would make it bigger. And it's only four more hearts to make. ;-)

  3. Darling and I would have to agree with What-I-Found.

  4. Looks like we have a trend in opinions! I don't seem to have a piece that will do for the solid border in my vintage-repro stash, so I'll be forced to go to the fabric store--darn!

    It does look like I have enough small squares already cut out to make four more 9-patches for the corners--or four heart blocks?


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