Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Food Rituals--Fire Roasted Green Chiles

Late last month I indulged in my favorite of all fall food rituals--putting away my annual supply of fire-roasted green chiles.

I'm happy to say that beautiful, fresh green chiles are available locally here now--not too long ago, my dad would ship them to me from New Mexico via UPS (and I imagine the UPS truck smelled wonderful!) and I'd roast them on the charcoal grill. This year's local chiles were particularly delightful--very flavorful, and hot enough but not too hot.

We bought two burlap bags of chiles--about two bushels--which the vendor roasted for us in his rotary cage: the most wonderful fragrance in the world! After letting them steam in plastic bags for a while, the blackened peels slip right off, and we then freeze the chiles in bags of five or six, ready to use. We'll enjoy their smoky flavor in our southwest-style dishes throughout the winter!

Credit to 'Inside Nanabread's Head' for the photos!

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