Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vinyl Revival Challenge--Project #2!

Project #2 from my vinyl recycle challenge: a cute baby bib that wipes clean!

The bib, measuring 9" x 9"", is made with two layers of my recycled vinyl, with cute little plastic baby-themed trinkets between the layers. (The trinkets are recycled from a baby shower, of course!)

I traced an existing bib for the pattern, and cut the two layers of vinyl at the same time--judicious pinning was required here, but holes don't seem to show too much. I stitched around the outer edges to secure the layers, then bound them with bias tape--I actually used my Clover bias tape maker to make the tape from scraps of pink dotted fabric, but commercial bias would certainly do the job. After dropping the plastic trinkets inside, I use the same bias to bind the neckline and make the ties. The bow is from my mom's ribbon-and-trim stash.

So . . . it's pretty cute, right? Let me just say, however, that I realize this is not an especially practical concept. A wipe-off bib would seem to be an excellent idea, but bibs get messy, and the binding would definitely need to be washed. Water would certainly get inside the vinyl layers and never dry. I suppose that an absorbent bib is a better overall plan anyway as far as capturing a mess--how about a layer of fabric with one of vinyl? Ideas?

Not to mention the fact that leaning against the trinkets might be pretty uncomfortable for the baby!

I suppose I just couldn't resist carrying the project out as an exercise!


  1. Your vinyl projects have been really great. It looks like the sewing went really well. I am getting ready to make a small purse with an outside pocket using clear vinyl. I'm ready to brave this projects from your posts.

  2. SO cute! Makes my brain race, trying to think of what I could make out of vinyl and stick some tiny things in! :o)

  3. this could make a very sweet keepsake with a shower invitation, or ultrasound picture between the layers with hospital bands et al... like a little baby bib shadow box. :)

  4. this is such a smart idea. You are so creative!


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