Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thrift Thursday--Pocket Sock Monkey Kit!

A recent thrift store outing turned up a project I could not resist-- a 'Curiosity Kit' for two hand-sized sock monkeys! At a quick glance, it seemed to be all or mostly complete, so I made the $.50 investment.

It turns out both monkeys are made from one sock, and they had been cut out and partially stitched--the kit includes instructions, sock, pattern, stuffing, thread, and felt for features and clothes.I've finished this guy up and his friend is in process. Monkey #1 is decked out in hat, scarf, and socks (it is a sock monkey, after all!), made from a striped stretchy glove that I had on hand, and I added the little button eyes. (Sorry--I'm not quite sure what accounts for the ethereal appearance of his feet.)

A fun, quick project--sadly, as monkeys mostly do, he seems very slightly creepy to me. Maybe it's just his expression! He's 6" in length over all, just the size to tuck in a pocket or hold in a hand, and I think I know kids (big and small) who might love to do it!

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