Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thrift Store Projects, Review

A few in-progress thrift store creations are now complete--and, I think, may lead to others!

Monkey #1 has undergone a bit of plastic surgery around the eyes, and now seems much more approachable and less creepy. Her friend, Monkey #2, now looking rather ethereal, sports a hat and sweater vest made from the last bits of glove that were left over from #1's attire. Now that I have a pattern, more little monkeys may make an appearance!

(Monkey #1 needs to pull up her socks, as my mom would say when we needed to buckle down and work.)

I've added the tiny buttons to my miniature pink thrift store yarn project, and they're perfect! It makes me happy. The bigger white doll sweater is for granddaughter Joyelle's birthday, to keep her dolly warm.

I'm thinking some little patterned sweaters are next--maybe cables or color patterns. We'll see. . .


  1. Much better on the eye placement!

    I am LOVING the tiny sweaters -- the detail on the white sweater is so cute!

  2. The monkeys turned out great - very cute.


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