Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Landmark Day in Grandma World

I'm a sad and happy Grandma today--we have been fortunate enough to have all six of our children and their families living within three states of each other, but today marks a big change for us: our middle son is just finishing his PhD, and he and his family are moving away, Far Away, to work and teach at a university.

I am so very proud and excited for them, and I know they will thrive. Just let me say it's also a little sad for mom and grandma.

I remember other landmark days quite vividly--first days of school, graduations, sending them off to college, weddings--proud and exciting days all, with a little bit of letting go in each one as they walk away. And that's our job--letting go.

And after all, what is the goal of being a parent? Helping children to launch successfully into life--but it does tug at the heart. To be successful, we work ourselves out of a job!

You're doing a Good Job, kids--keep us posted!

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