Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miniatures Monday--Victorian Scene!

In our miniature society meetings one year, club members (who I don't really quite want to refer to as my miniature friends!) each made a beautiful dollhouse armoire in 1/12 scale, and then took turns providing monthly projects to go with the project. I'm excited to post some bits of my completed scene--a vignette from a Victorian lady's room.

The scene is filled with little items from our Victorian lady's everyday life--every Victorian lady had houseplants, and our lady's are made from green floral tape and wire. She's just left her shawl (from a bit of lace yardage and trim) on her chaise lounge, with her jewel case made of ribbon-covered wood bits. Her handbag (a scrap and a jewelry finding) is leaning by a pile of hat boxes (like the wallpaper on the walls, they came from a wallpaper sample book).

Her ornate paintings and frames came just as they are from a dime store, and her chaise and pillows are made from scraps of fabric and trim. She's left a box of chocolates (Fimo and greeting card bits) on the floor at the foot of the chaise--hope the miniature dog doesn't wander by!

My favorite things to make were the tiny perfume and lotion bottles next to the fancy little bath basket (made from petit point canvas), which is complete with sponge, soap, and bubble bath. The jars and bottles are glued-up beads.

It's the perfect corner to sit and read or sew!

Library note: two of my absolute favorite miniatures how-to books are 'The Doll's House Do-it-Yourself Book', by Venus and Martin Dodge, and 'The Book of Miniatures', by Helen Ruthberg--my all-time favorite!

For kids, 'Tiny Treasures', an American Girls book, is a delight!

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  1. It's all so beautiful! Would you believe me if I say I thought it was a real room? Then I read Miniatures...You're very talented :)


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