Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fabulous Fabric Find!

Well, it's a pillowcase, really. Found in the Idea as-is department, this fabulous piece:

I hardly know what to say! The print seems to be food labels...sort of.

The pictures are of soup. (Maybe).

The brand is #%/&))??@. (Bad Word Brand?)

The description is 'asjfajfadsklfjdkslfjakly'.

The colors are fabulous.

Barcodes are included!

I love it more than I can say, and for $2.99 I have 2-1/4 yards of 18" width to work with! Oh, the possibilities. . .


  1. You are right... this fabric is awesome! The possibilities are endless! The curtains in my craft room are a super obnoxious (I love it) pattern of bright colours from the Ikea "as-is" section...I love Ikea!

  2. Wow! You are going to have some fun! Can't wait for what the fabric inspires you to do!

  3. Wow...what great fabric....I love clever. I know you are going to really enjoy using it.



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