Monday, July 12, 2010

Miniatures Monday--Quilting Studio Cutting Table!

I've done a bit of deconstruction so I can post a corner view of my miniature quilting studio and all its delightful details. Let me give a guided tour!

The scene is in 1/12 scale--one foot, full size, is represented by one inch. The sewing table is about 3" high and the backs of both sides of the table are 5" wide, so the miniature quilter has plenty of room to work. You can see that she has displayed some of her completed projects on the wall above the table for inspiration. Under the table are her waste basket and some of her batting supply, stored in the corner.

She has a basket (made of manila folder) of 'fat quarters' in the corner of the table, ready for her next project, and several books for reference (made from a craft book ad). Her cutting mats, tiny rotary cutters and rulers ready to go. She has her tiny scissors, pincushions, and thread (tiny sections of fine dowel wrapped with thread), and microscopic measuring tape handy, with several cards of itty bitty buttons and tiny spools of ribbon. Her colored pencils are snips of colored electrical wire. Sewing time is limited (as it is for all of us!), so she keeps a clock handy!

Looks like she's ready for a new creative project!


  1. it is invisible! i wish my cutting table were invisible, then i could keep it in the den!

  2. Okay, I see it now! Beautiful! I love that little chair, too. She even has a little wastebasket! LOVE it!

  3. I am impressed with how neat she is. It takes me hours to get "neat" again after I have rummaged through the stash to do a project!
    Really fine and detailed work!

  4. Wow! The cutting tools and the tiny everything is amazing! Cool!

  5. That is amazing! We should hire you to decorate my daughter's dollhouse. Right now she has some little people furniture and pictures taped to the walls and bookshelves that I cut out of a pottery barn magazine.


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