Monday, June 7, 2010

Miniatures Monday--Sewing Chair and Tote Bag!

In my tiny quilting studio room box are this comfy sewing chair, cushioned by its 'pieced' pillow, and a quilt block tote--very handy for transporting the miniature quilter's sewing project!

The spool turned chair came in the delightful box when I won it, complete with the pillow, which is a printed motif from yardage. Fun to search out prints in a dollhouse appropriate scale!

I had a lot of fun a while back, working out traditional quilt blocks in a 1" to 1' scale. The little tote bag is made from a sashed 1" Nine Patch block, is lined, and has ribbon handles. Inside is another miniature quilting book--the cover is cut from a craft book offer and glued to a piece of poster board for dimension--and another pieced block, layered up and ready to quilt

Some people like to have scale-appropriate dolls who live in their miniature scenes. Personally, I don't want anyone else living in my tiny spaces--they're just for me! Maybe I'll just sit down and finish that block. . .

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