Sunday, June 6, 2010

Navajo Quilt, Part 3--Borders Complete!

I've decided I like the way the black border finishes off the design of the Navajo quilt, and it's attached all around. Since it's 10" wider and 10" longer with the borders, it won't completely fit on my fence anymore, so this is only a partial portrait!

Now I'm still wondering if the black border isn't just a little too wide, but I think I won't decide whether to trim it down a little just yet--I could even do that after I start quilting. Definitely a black binding--anything else would be distracting for sure.

I have the red for the back, and Warm and Natural batting. Guess I'd better sweep and mop the kitchen floor, so I can tape it out for pin-basting!


  1. I like the black border and I agree with you to wait until after the quilting to see if trimming is in order. It looks really great!

    I almost sent you a comment to put a pattern fabric for the outside border but I think it looks great with all solids. Great job!

  2. It looks great! You were right about it needing borders; it really finishes it and sets the whole thing off nicely!

  3. That black border frames it so nicely-perfect choice. It is so good to get old projects finished up!

  4. I personally love the wide black border. I like how it somehow "contains" all of the rest. Can't wait to see it finished!

  5. I think the black border is just perfect. I really like the way it frames the rest of the colors. Great stuff!


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