Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Unfinished Project of Horror, Part 1

I've been so proud of myself for paring down my Unfinished Projects, and I think I said I have only a couple of quilt tops to go. In delving a little further, I have to admit that I have been burying something in my mind--a project that puzzled and horrified me so that I haven't brought myself to think of it for a while.

I have considered just inflicting it on some other innocent and unsuspecting sewer by donating it to the thrift store. I even had it in the donation pile twice, but my Mom taught me to be a responsible person--I'll have to deal with it myself.

This brings up one of the Great Questions of Creativity: at what point do you cut your losses and give up on a project that is Just Not Working? I suppose the natural human tendency is to keep going, confident that we can make it work with a little more effort. My experience is that this is generally true--with a big reward and some good learning experience added in.

In this case, I'm just not sure. I'll go and try to make myself take some photos.


  1. Ohhh. I usually try to save it if it's a sewing project. Probably because I love my fabrics and am convinced that with a little more tweaking I can make it work.

  2. It must be pretty bad if you dont even want to look at it! You are one of the craftist (is that a word?) people I know. If you cant do anything with it who can?

  3. Ooooh, sounds veeery interesting. Can't wait to see what it is you think you can't tackle. I think your projects are pretty awesome. I think you can do anything :o)

    Let's see it (please?)!

  4. ooh, the suspense is killing me!


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