Friday, May 28, 2010

Next Unfinished Project--Navajo Quilt

When my sister and I were going through our mom's sewing closet after she died, we found a plastic dishpan full of stacks of cut-out 3-1/4" squares and a graph-paper chart showing their design plan, complete with enough red yardage for the back. We were mystified as to where the whole project came from--neither of us remembered it at all!

Since Dad and Mom spent their careers working with Native American tribes and lived in New Mexico, it makes sense that they might design a quilt top to resemble a Two Gray Hills Navajo rug--but the chart was definitely in not Mom's writing, nor is it her choice of fabrics, since the fabric is a polyester blend a little heavier than quilt weight. It could be that Dad was the mastermind--it does sound like him. Or it could be a yard sale project they took on--I just can't say!

Some time back I put together the squares according to the chart, and then lost momentum, but I'm ready to drag it out again and finish it up. My UFO tally continues to shrink!

It turns out to be about twin size. Now to decide on the borders--I'm thinking the quilt needs two borders to bring it together. There's enough red for a narrow inner border, with maybe another, outer border of black, about the width of the squares. Thoughts?


  1. Hmm, looking at your excellent photo where I can see the whole thing all at once, I am wondering if borders would interrupt the pattern too much? It may call for a little "photoshop quilting" to try some borders on for size!

  2. In my mind the two borders you described looks amazing!


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