Monday, May 31, 2010

Miniatures Monday--Shelves for Tiny Quilting Studio!

On one wall of my miniature quilting studio are these wooden shelves, full of needful items for the dedicated (miniature) quilter.

The shelves themselves are made from craft basswood, measure about 4" by 8", and are stained in a warm shade. I made the basket from strips of file folder, woven together and painted white. The tiny antique sewing machine is a commercial miniature, and the quilting book covers were cut from a craft book offer and glued to a backing of poster board for dimension.

The delightful folded 'quilts' on the bottom shelf are bits of print fabric, in just the right scale to be realistic, and the pillow is made from a fabric motif, cut out, backed and stuffed.

The big fun here was going through scraps from many sewers to find small-scale prints that seem plausible as miniature yardage and fat quarters for the basket--the fun was seeing how many really worked! They are all cut to the same size, folded, and sorted by color. All in all, a delightful place to go in the imagination!


  1. I wish my sewing room had a beautifully organized shelf like that. How delightful.

  2. So adorable, makes me want to reconsider the room choices in my dollhouse.


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