Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thrift Thursday---Carved Shelf!

In truth, I'd have to describe this really cool yard-sale shelf as 'carved', since it is actually molded. I happily paid $2.00 for it several years ago, knowing it would make a great display for a part of my ceramic fruits and vegetable collection, and it's been on view in the hallway ever since.

Except the occasion when there was a disastrous collision, and the whole thing went crashing down. I lost a few, including my beloved eggplant salt shaker. The shelf is now secured safely to the wall!

I don't really suppose most of my many fruit and vegetable items have much value, but they make me happy! My #3 daughter made me the corn, pointy carrot, and yellow squash (sorry about cutting off its head!) as a gift, and I love them.

The eggplant salt and pepper shaker set (it divides in two) are especially dear to me, since my daughters fought hard in an on-line auction to surprise me with a replacement for my lost and beloved-- and they are actually collectible.

The pumpkin is a mug, the lemons are an odd napkin hold that doesn't work at all, and the carrots are a little pitcher which I especially love. All the rest are salt and pepper shakers. The tomato and pepper seem to make a set, even though they didn't start out that way!

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