Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrift Thursday--New Red Pepper!

I have a delightful new addition to my ceramic fruits and vegetables collection! The shape and color and shine make me happy--I think it's my new favorite.

This beautiful red pepper canister is 6" tall and 4" across, and I love the way its size and shape and color contrast with the other fruits and vegetables. It's a gift from my daughter Lol, who got it (of course) at her favorite thrift store. It will be perfect for storing my fresh garlic! We generally seem to find items that are either smaller or larger than this guy, so he's an even better addition to the collection. Good-sized vegetables are hard to find--except for that giant, realistic eggplant cookie jar. . .

My guidelines for collection selection have evolved a bit over the years. I like to look for figural shapes that have a function and are (at least somewhat!) realistic. Color, finish, size, and variety count--and a hard-to-define element of fabulousness, epitomized by my cabbage, carrot, and tomato soup tureen, which I will post next week!


  1. What a fun collection you must have! I would love to see pics of them all.

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