Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mniiatures Monday--Tiny Armchair!

This little armchair is the last main piece from the room box I made in honor of my grandma Genevieve. I can certainly never remember Grandma being idle--her time was always spent working to care for her family, to help others, and to make her home more attractive and comfortable.

As Grandma got older, I remember her sitting in her armchair, piecing quilts. Her sewing basket was a very old tin that originally held chocolates (how she loved them!), and it held everything she needed for handwork--Care has it now!

I made the miniature 'tin' from wallpaper scraps. It holds bits of fabric, thread, and a tiny tomato pincushion with itty bitty 'pins'--I used a red seed bead for the dangling strawberry. (Does everyone know that this is an emery bag, used to polish up your needles by pushing them through?) The afghan I knit on my tiniest knitting needles--I think my vision must have been better then! The little pillow is made using some of the fine lace scraps from Grandma's

In working with fabric, I feel a real connection to other generations of women who went before--the world has changed a lot, but maybe in a lot of ways, life hasn't.


  1. Oh, how lovely and special. What a wonderful way to honor your grandma. My grandma loved chocolates too. She and I spent a lot of hours together hand-stitching quilt blocks and watching the Grand Ol' Opry.

  2. I'm loving these! Great work! I'd love to see the whole diorama. :)

  3. How wonderful!!! Just found your blog and I'm loving it! The armchair is fascinating . . . how about some general details on how you made the plush chair? Really inspirational!


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