Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vintage Pictic Basket, Updated

I am on a grandma outing in a warm and sunny place where spring has already arrived. Nice work if you can get it! Spring will be just about there when I get back home, and I am now prepared for picnics in the sun, since I have updated my vintage picnic basket to go with my dollar store Astroturf picnic bag, posted here! (My apologies for the sad winter sun and the sad winter grass!) Check it out:

My picnic basket was a thrift store find, and slightly disreputable. There was just enough fabric left from the bag lining to re-line the basket (a hot glue project), and still have a useful-sized tablecloth that matches. I trimmed one last dollar store Astroturf door mat to fit the top of the lid, which was pretty battered, and hot glued it on. The daisies were a freebie. A new life for the old basket--I'm ready for warm weather!

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  1. I love love love it! The pairing, along with the little picnic tablecloth, is just perfect!!


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