Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If I Sew It, It Will Come

Spring, that is! I figured I would encourage things along by making a new picnic bag for the warm weather.

I think I mentioned before how I LOVE Jodi Kahn 's book, Simply Sublime Bags. Jodi shows us how to make some fabulous and creative bags, using her innovative and quick low-sew and no-sew techniques. (They involve such things as duct tape, packing tape, Monopoly money, and your stapler--check it out!)

So, here is my take on Jodi's Astroturf picnic bag, using two dollar-store welcome mats, handles scrounged from a $1.00 thrift store purse, and a tablecloth for which I no longer have the table. I had to adapt her pattern a bit to fit the available materials, but at 15" x 23", there's still plenty of room to tote the essentials--$3.00 total!

The flatware that's kept in my vintage picnic basket is just the thing for the pockets, which are made of a scrap from a remnant. (Project here.) Now I'm thinking of an update for the picnic basket, using the rest of my tablecloth. . . hmm. I'll let you know! (Update here.)

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  1. It's completely FABULOUS!

    We want to see the inside!! :o)


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