Monday, March 22, 2010

Miniatures Monday--Tiny Bunny

Yes, he's only l" tall! It's been fun thinking about Miniatures Mondays and looking at my tiny things. Here's another fabric project, made just to see how small I could go using my sewing machine.

While sitting down, this tiny little jointed bunny is just one inch tall--I'm sorry I didn't include a coin for a size reference, but he would sit quite comfortably on a nickel. He is made of a nice-quality unbleached muslin, with a super-small pompom for his tail and the edge of some vintage lace for his collar.

For accuracy, I traced the tiny pattern pieces (I think I reduced them on a copy machine) on two layers of muslin, then stitched around them with very close stitches, leaving an opening for turning. I cut them out close to the stitching, clipped the seam allowance, turned, and stuffed them with wisps of cotton before stitching the openings closed--tweezers and surgical clamps are very handy for some of these steps. He has thread stitched joints, whiskers, and features.

He's ready to go into the miniature toy room I have planned. . . someday.


  1. So cute and tiny. The little girls would love it.

  2. I LOVE it! Why don't I remember seeing him before??

  3. This is so precious! You've got some real sewing talent if you've made this! Imagine finding him in your easter egg. SO sweet.


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