Monday, March 8, 2010

Before and After--Coming Soon!

I am still here, at present tangled in the throes of a smallish kitchen update. It's been a long (and somewhat painful!) process moving my plans out of my mind and into the house.

We have lived in our house for some time, and thus I can not complain about the remaining vestiges of 70's decor: I am the one who chose it. The worn out brown-and-yellow linoleum made its exit a few years ago, and the (original) very dark cabinets have been sanded and partly re-done for some time, but the yellow Formica countertops have remained.

A while back our boys came over with their hammers and knocked out the wall between our living room and kitchen. The new space is open and light, and the kitchen cabinets are completely visible! Last month my ideas finally emerged from the back of the mind, and I have steeled myself to make the effort to bring it all together.

I hope to find a good (although embarrassing) 'before' picture to post when I post the 'after picture in the near future. Stand by!

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