Monday, September 10, 2012

Miniatures Monday--Tiny Bodices

Working on the bodices of a series of red dresses for the tiny girls--
sooo fuuun!

Part of the delight of this project:  making an entire dress from a little scrap of fabric.  And another part:  adding the little scraps of trims!

Finished dresses soon!


  1. Chain piecing log cabin blocks for a quilt for our bed occupies this week for me. I went by JoAnn's to look at new machines after my old one Died quietly the other night. The new Singer models, like yours, are so Sleek and smooth and curvy and rounded. A huge difference from the last time I looked at sewing machines.

  2. Anxious to see the finished dresses!!! I LOVE making little dresses (about 4" tall) for the Ginny Dolls of the 1950s. They are dolls about 7" tall that wore the little "schoolgirl" dresses, jumpers, blouses, etc.


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