Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dollhouse Shelf--The Floors and Wallpaper

Little Dot is hard at work, updating the new doll apartment with wallpaper.  

The shelf I'm using for the dolls' apartment is 30" wide and 14" high--the depth is about 12"--and the space definitely needed new walls and flooring!  For removable walls and ceiling, I cut sheets of thrift-store foam core the exact size of the ceiling, then cut foam core pieces the same measurements as the three sides (less the thickness of the ceiling).  The three sides hold up the ceiling piece, and it all fits closely.  

I chose a scrapbook paper I like for the walls, used spray adhesive to fix it to the foam core, and put the walls in place. 

For the flooring, I pulled apart an old thrift-store woven-wood blind and used craft glue to glue the slats to a piece of poster board, cut to fit the space.  The thin slats cut well with scissors.

Dot's ladder and paint are from my old dollhouse collection.

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  1. I find all these little things so fun! I've always wanted a doll house for my collection of wooden Polish dolls. Isn't it fun to be so playful!


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