Monday, July 16, 2012

Dollhouse Shelf--A Bed Project

 Little Ellery found an old crib at a yard sale, and is using its parts to make two beds for 
the dollhouse shelf.  I'm sorry to say she was so excited to get started, she forgot to take a 'before' picture!

We bashed the crib apart--the foot boards are the sawed-off lower sections from the headboards.  The sides of the crib are hot-glued between the head and foot, to support the box springs which Ellery is I am planning to make from scraps of dollar store foam core. 

 The beds were a just little too short for the girls to lie down, so I glued in two pieces of scrap wood to lengthen them.  Mattresses will be sponges from the dollar store!

The little crib was $1.00 at the thrift store, and  another dollar bought enough soft dollar-store  foam sponges to provide for a lot more tiny upholstery. 

And while at the dollar store, we made another great find for the dollhouse. . .

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