Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrift Thursday--It Was Cabbage Day at the Thrift Sote

Just when I thought I must already have a ceramic example of each and every item found in the produce section. . .

. . .a bok choy leaf--a bok choy leaf divided relish dish! It's about 10 inches in diameter, divided in four sections by the raised ribs, and that perfect yellow-green bok choy color and texture. There are no marks on the back, but it's really very nicely made, and cost $1.50. It delights me!

We had just picked up the fabulous majolica cabbage teapot that I posted earlier, and then on the way to the door spotted a little cabbage creamer pitcher which had seen better days and stayed at the store. Cabbage Day at the thrift store! It almost seems like a sign from the Yard Sale Gods. . .but what could it mean?

If the little cabbage creamer is still there next time, it's coming home with me.


  1. What an amazing photo! I love the way the background sets off the relish tray.

  2. yes, I had some good input on that background color! My thanks to you!


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