Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrift Thursday--Cabbage Teapot

A fabulous thrift store find this week--a beautiful green majolica teapot, made in Portugal.

What a great addition to my ceramic-fruit-and-vegetable collection--I love the deep green finish and the satisfying shape. It's marked 'Bordallo Pinheiro, Portugal' and measures 7 inches high and 9 inches wide, with no cracks or chips. The price: $3.00!

The four pretty little harvest-themed place card holders are from the same thrift store outing--their original price tags read $3.99 each, and the thrift store tag was $1.00 each--which seemed a little steep to me, especially compared to the teapot! The cashier thought so too, and charged me $.75 a each.

Now to decide where to display them. . .


  1. your teapot find is a real treasure..will you use it or just keep it for display?

  2. Wow!!!! Excellent finds, and I love them all grouped together!

  3. At our house, I suppose it will be just for display. . .we drink only the very occasional cup of herbal tea, and a single cup at that. Which reminds me--I found a classy, green, retro one-cup restaurant teapot recently at the thrift store--I'll try to post it!

  4. I was thinking that the little ones would make good recipe card holders. . .


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