Monday, September 12, 2011

Miniatures Monday--Pea Pod Salt and Pepper

Our family does love the thrift store--the adventure, the quest, the surprises! We sometimes declare a contest as to who can come up with the most needed, the most delightful, the most useful, or even the most bizarre find on any particular trip.

This trip daughter Ibu wins the Most Delightful Find Ever prize! Salt and pepper shakers--two tiny ceramic peas in a pod. I have to admit that in my rather extensive ceramic-fruits-and-vegetables collection, I haven't had a single example of peas, or their pods, and Ibu has magnanimously allowed me to add it to my collection.

Each little pea is one inch in diameter and nestles perfectly into the charming pod, which is very nicely detailed. They have a delightfully fresh-from-the-garden green color and texture and are beautifully made.

There are no markings, but the shakers have plastic plugs so they can't be too terribly old. I can hardly resist picking them up and enjoying them!


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