Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrift Thursday--Ikea Mirrors, $1.50!

Ikea came to our area several years ago, and it's a delight to wander through the store thinking and dreaming. And stopping at the food shop.

Even more delightful, I found these three small Ikea mirrors at the thrift store for only $.50 each ($2.99 each at Ikea, and a bargain it that). And just the color I've been adding to my living room!

I have hung them in the narrow space next to the front door, above my dearly beloved Craftsman high chair--my maternal grandparents bought the chair for their oldest child in 1915, and it's now holding its fourth generation of children--all of whom are united by the memory of being bumped on the noggin by the hinged tray as it is lowered over their heads.

Being of solid Arts and Crafts construction, the chair is in pretty good condition after all these years. I keep a yard sale mirror on the tray, to hold our letters and keys next to the door.

It pleases me to think how the chair has been a part of daily lives across the generations--hope to see it go on to one more!

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