Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At the Knittin' Kitten in Portland. . .

. . .wonderful vintage sewing (and knitting) finds!

In Portland, Oregon recently, we visited the wonderful Knittin' Kitten craft store, and it was a delight. What a great concept-- a sewing and knitting thrift store!

I was thinking small, and found these great small scale vintage fabrics, plus the lovely bamboo double-point knitting needles, size O and 1. And the graphics on the 'Starsnap' snaps are fabulous! Vintage trims are often so much nicer in quality than the current selection--witness the tiny rickrack and crochet trim. And I must confess that I bought the vintage Barbie outfit just for the boots--they are classic!

I can't wait to make small things--how I wish the Knittin' Kitten was in MY neighborhood!

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